Winter Shelter

        Helping homeless, badly-housed and  hungry people of Rugby 



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Covid-19 and its impact on the Hope Centre,

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Winter Shelter

Sleeping rough at any time of year is no joke, but it's especially harsh in winter. Cold damp weather eats into your bones & saps your strength & resolve.

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We will be opening our doors on 1st December 2019 & run until  31st March 2020.

We will be open 7 nights a week at 7 different Rugby churches from 7-30pm


       Saturday Rugby Methodist Centre 
       Sunday  St Johns Hillmorton
       Monday  St Maries
   Tuesday  St Georges, Hillmorton
   Wednesday  Rugby Baptist Church
   Thursday  M2O
   Friday Salvation Army 

If you're homeless you CANNOT  just turn up at the church. You must have booked a bed at the Hope Centre on Newbold Road, Rugby before 1400hrs on the day you need the bed. Before a bed slot can be allocated you will need to have to have been interviewed by the Hope Centre satff.

If you would like to Volunteer to help at one of the churches then click HERE. (You do not have to be a church member to volunteer)



What's involved

You will need to have registered with Hope4 and have been referred to the Winter Shelter by a Key Worker. You cannot simply turn up at the venue and expect a bed. You will then need to make your own way to the venue, which will be one of 7 local churches. When you get there you will be welcomed by a team of volunteers from that local church.

Each of the 7 venues will be staffed by volunteers who are not qualified professionals like the Key Workers at the Hope Centre. If you would like to help at one of the venues then please complete our volunteers form. We will then get in touch.

What we did in 2018 - 2019

Over 300 volunteers provided more than 1083 bed nights for 43 diferent clients. The youngest was 20 & the oldest was over 65. 


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When does it run from and to?


  The winter Shelter starts on 1st December & runs through until 31st March 

Where is it?

Seven Rugby churches offer a warm, safe & secure venue for pre-booked clients.

You can't simply turn up.

When does it open its doors?

  • Doors open at 1930hrs to pre-booked service users
  • Food Served from 2000hrs
  • Last Checkin: 2100hrs
  • Lights out & doors locked: 2300hrs
  • Wakey wakey: 0700hrs
  • Breakfast: 0745hrs
  • Shelter closes: 0830hrs

How do I get a bed space?

You need to be registered with the Hope Centre on Newbold Road. There one of our Key Workers will interview you to ensure it would be appropriate for you to stay and that we are able to help you.

Once registered at the Hope Centre you can ask a Key Worker to put you on the Winter Shelter list for that night.

This must be done on a day to day basis before 2-00pm, through the Hope Centre. There are no block bookings.

What happens if I find that I do not need the bed space?

Contact the Hope Centre to inform them or contact the Winter Shelter Venue to explain.

If you do not show up and have no good explanation then you could get a 7 day ban from the Winter Shelter.

What happens when I get to the Winter Shelter venue?

You will be let in at 1930hrs & can arrive up to 2100hrs. After this time you will not be allowed in.

There will be separate accommodation for male & female clients.

You will be provided with a camp bed, sleeping bag, pillow & other items to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will have to make your own bed. All venues have toilets & wash basins for both male & females.

There will be a maximum of 15 people at each venue, as well as a team of volunteers.

You will have a hot meal at about 2030hrs.

You will not be allowed in after 2100hrs.

Lights out at 2245hrs to 2300hrs when outer doors will be locked.

There will be a team of volunteers from the venue who stay with you all night.

You will be woken up at 0700hrs & at 0745hrs a breakfast of cereals, tea, coffee toast & jam/marmalade will be served.

You will need to leave the venue by 0830hrs.

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Covid-19 and its impact on the Hope Centre,
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